Recess for Pubescent Teenagers. Please!

German Version

Compulsory schooling should be paused between the 13th and 15th year of one’s life. Why? Well, simply because any tasks common in schools cause pure physical pain. Apart from that the pubescent brain seems to fade out completely essential, already learned abilities.

For example, that thing called reading: This tasks is started with a streeetched moaning and a painfully distorted face. Slowlier than a year one pupil the first couple of lines are read just to break down exhaustedly on the table after at the latest two minutes and to claim that one thought about it.

You may say that it can’t be that bad. And I can just answer you: Yes, it can. Actually, it is even worse. Because apart from forgetting reading they also don’t know how to write anymore. Simple grammatically correct sentences according to the scheme: subject – verb – object, are a closed book. When writing they don’t stick to the lines, but write in a crisscross way on the paper. In support of the adolescents it has to be mentioned that it is indeed extremly hard to write in a proper way with the head lying on the table.

Why do children have their heads on the table while writing? Well, that’s a little over my head! Maybe it is a necessary step during the development to an adult to remember their ancestors from long long looong ago, who possibly would have had their difficulties to sit upright at a table as well and comfortably would have lolled at the same. Besides, attention original sound, „One can concentrate that way muuch better.“

Moreover any intellectual endeavour is simply impossible. The writing of argumentations result in nothing. Let’s take for example the topic „marks for behaviour in school“, so that marks which usually are at the top of the school report to inform about whether the child was hard-working, contributed to the lessons and showed a nice social behaviour. Here you get such brilliant sentences like: „I’m against it, because it is useless.“ End of the argumentation. Whereas the very same child can discuss with you about the sense of homework and school in general for hours.

But the summit is reached when because of all the reluctance they start to laugh hysterically about everything and nothing. When the topic is a mass panic where people are trampled down, they can fall into a convulsive laughter about the word „trample down“ for minutes.
Dear school authority, as a teacher you only want to do one thing at that point, namely….to hit the dirt and screem and lash about like a toddler who doesn’t get his favourite chocolate in the supermarket.

Because of all the above mentioned reasons it appears more than reasonable to pause complusory schooling for some time. Concerning the teenagers at least you would preach to the converted. Believe me!


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